Monday, October 26, 2009

Dia De Los Muerta

It's been awhile... I know, not a big deal!

The Dia De Los Muertos party went really well on Friday night! So many people actually got in the spirit and dressed up/ painted their faces! I had a pretty solid time, which is nice! I'm such a shy girl that parties usually aren't my favourite things to go to! hehe Here are a few pictures! (yeah, I'm posting pictures... CRAZY!) Andrea and Adam went all out with the decorations! They even built an alter!

Here's a group shot of *most* of the people who put in the face painting effort. some people had some great designs!

Tammy, Amanda, Adam & myself.

Here are some close-ups of mine and Adam's make up! They were taken on a friends (not so great camera) near the end of the night... do excuse the drunk looks, and the not so proper makeup!
I know there are more floating around somewhere. I'll have to get my hands on a full shot, so I can show my favourite skirt. It's quite lovely!
For the rest of the week I need to spend all my time sewing the rest of Adam's Halloween costume. I really think i bit off more than I can chew this year! I clearly love doing this, or I wouldn't offer to make myself and other people elaborate costumes every year! So I'll just stop complaining about it! ;)
I guess I should get back to work now...