Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I just ordered the second edition of "Vintage Hairstyling". I had asked for the first edition it for Christmas from my man and also my mom, but i think it was already too late. I was going to ask for it again this year, but decided against it just 2 minutes ago when i was on the site. I'm blaming Paypal for automatically being synced with my bank account, because I have made some really rash purchases lately! I know, I know, I'm the one to blame... but I can't help it!

I've learned al ot about hair styling from trial and error over the last few years, but I've recently gotten into a rut. I have very few opportunities to waste a whole day waiting for a set to dry, and have little time to fiddle with new techniques I haven't quiet mastered. My hair takes eons to dry, and I get home from work much to late to have the set dry by morning if It's not done by 7.(my next rash purchase will likely be a bonnet dryer so I can blast it with heat for a bit before i go to bed.) Oh the woes of the working class.

I'm hoping that, although it will be 'trial and error' again, I'll be able to succeed in the new style much quicker with the step by step instructions.

Now, to wait for its arrival very impatiently!

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