Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some rambling!

I should have made my new years resolution be to do more blogging. Blogging as in writing my own! I read blogs belonging to others religiously... but never post to my own.
I have every intention of making posts. complete with pretty photos and interesting tidbits... but... I never feel up to taking photos (with my crappy camera) and writing anything of interest(that hasn't been covered hundreds of times over by a million others!!)
WAH WAH, right?

On the plus side, my actually new years resolution - to get my finances and future finances in check- is going slightly more smoothly than the last few weeks! My budget scares the day lights out of me! For some reason I also continue to tease and taunt myself with enormous amounts of Internet "shopping" I CAN'T HELP IT! So, if anyone would like to make donations to my bank account, i do encourage this! :)

Now - back to work and the mound of sweaters!