Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some rambling!

I should have made my new years resolution be to do more blogging. Blogging as in writing my own! I read blogs belonging to others religiously... but never post to my own.
I have every intention of making posts. complete with pretty photos and interesting tidbits... but... I never feel up to taking photos (with my crappy camera) and writing anything of interest(that hasn't been covered hundreds of times over by a million others!!)
WAH WAH, right?

On the plus side, my actually new years resolution - to get my finances and future finances in check- is going slightly more smoothly than the last few weeks! My budget scares the day lights out of me! For some reason I also continue to tease and taunt myself with enormous amounts of Internet "shopping" I CAN'T HELP IT! So, if anyone would like to make donations to my bank account, i do encourage this! :)

Now - back to work and the mound of sweaters!

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Lisa said...

Hey! Thanks for your post on my blog! (I've been on the hunt for cute and cheap rubber boots since the snow started to melt!)

Nice to meet another Winnipegger on FL!

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