Thursday, March 19, 2009

I got a new job. I start on the 30th. Who's excited? Me! I'm finally back in the fashion industry, and I am so proud! Well... It's not like I really did anything special. Tammy told Adam, Adam told me, I E-mailed the boss woman. Less than a week later I experienced the wonder of my charm on all bosses. My days will be + 1 hour a work, and + 1.5 hours of bus ridding.... but +$$ and - a lot of hate!

I should be doing my push-ups and the like, but I've clearly chosen an update no one's going to read instead. I need to set up blogger as a fav on my iphone. Maybe this site will get visited more often than just when I'm house sitting for the present boss woman(as I am now). Ok I feel better. I just did 16 push-ups. Vast improvement from the 4 I could do last week.

Best text ever "I'm always so scared to look in your fridge!" my response "I know! Me too!"

I've really run out of things to say. I'm clearly out of tough with my blogging. OH WELL.

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