Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're gonna drain that cup dry.

I'm having one of the most awful days ever. Right after one of the most lovely weeks. I feel as if I'm in this continual up and down with every aspect of life and I'm beginning to feel as if the towel just needs to be thrown in already. Life feels stagnant and how to kick it into high gear seems to be my mystery at hand.

I've always been the type to hold onto everything. Never let anything go. for 24 years it hasn't seemed to do me any good, yet no one knows how to change that. Certainly not I. Contrary to some peoples popular belief, countless attempts have been made. Is it just who I am? or is it the result of something else? It's winning, which ever it is.

I think I just need to listen to "the best is yet to come" and belt it out until the cloud over my head floats away. It'll work right? *sigh*

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